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  • Emotional challenges are faced by everyone, not just adults

    Kids face emotional challenges just like adults but they don't have the same ability to express themselves. This will frequently result in them acting out on their emotions through defiant and disruptive behavior. They may also become withdrawn and may develop avoidance and attachment problems.

    If your child exhibits some of the symptoms listed below or you are concerned about your child for any reason, the time to take action and address those concerns is now. What may seem like small problems today can become major issues down the road.


    • Acting out
    • Defiant
    • Has experienced a trauma
    • Seems to worry a lot
    • Appears sad or withdrawn
    • Complains of stomach aches or other ailments with no known cause
    • Has difficulty making or keeping friends
    • Struggles academically and there is no identified learning problem
    • Difficulty paying attention or focusing on tasks
    • Confidence issues and low self-esteem

    Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, anxiety, depression or conduct disorder? Has medication been recommended or prescribed? Are you comfortable with the treatment path your child is on?

    My experience includes over a decade of experience working with children and adolescents in schools, homes and clinics. I have developed highly effective techniques to help children overcome emotional difficulties including behavioral problems (mild to severe), trauma, anxiety related disorders and depression.

    You are your child's primary source of support. I offer sessions for parents to help you develop highly effective parenting skills, which will not only help you attain the behavioral outcome you desire, but will significantly improve your relationship with your child.

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    We will start with a thorough developmental assessment. Together, we will come up with therapeutic goals to best meet your child's individual needs.

    Ongoing treatment will include consultation and input from parents, and when appropriate, teachers and other relevant parties involved in the child's care. Classroom/school based observation and assessment will be integrated based upon need. I also offer home visits as needed.

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