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Academic and Social issues

  • Academic issues are sometimes caused and exacerbated by emotional difficulties. Anxiety can severely inhibit a person's capability to succeed academically (see my article "The effects of anxiety on the learning process" here).

    Whether in elementary school, high school or beyond, academics plays a huge role in life. Educational performance is a must for getting ahead.

    The ability to socialize is an integral part of life and school. When children struggle socially all other aspects of their lives are affected. I specialize in helping children and adolescents overcome their social challenges so that they will flourish in any environment they are in. (see my article "The Invisible Child - Teaching your child to be a good friend" here).

    I work with my clients to identify what is holding them back from achieving academically or socially and then initiate tailored treatment to ensure that they can thrive in any situation.

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    Academic Consultation

    It is hard to know if a child's academic difficulty is coming from an emotional place or an actual learning problem. Regardless as to where the problems stem from, anxiety can develop that can inhibit the learning process. I offer a full consultation service to quickly and effectively identify and treat the problem. This can be done in the comfort of your own home or at my office.

      This includes:

    • A one hour consultation session with parents and child for assessment
    • Discussion with teachers and other relevant staff members
    • Conduct in school observation of your child
    • Comprehensive feedback and recommendations
    • Individualized, effective tips on how you can help your child
    • Additional 30 minute follow up session where we can touch base either by phone or Skype

    To find out more about this service or to schedule an Academic Consultation contact me.

    Academic and Social issues brochure

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